Friendship House Community
Sunday, January 20, 2019
1010 Cumberland Avenue, West Lafayette, IN
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200 Apartments
Grocery Store
Shuttle Van
Fitness Center
Resident Gardens
Beauty Shop
Area Trails

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The Friendship House Community Board of Directors:
   Stewart W Kline, President    Valerie Brock, Member
   Bob Gross, Vice President    Kimberly Thomas, Member 
   Joyce Herendeen, Secretary    Don Nead, Member 
   Dan Blomeke, Treasurer    Jason Ramsland, Member
   Brian Titlow, Member     Art Griesez, Member 
   Bob Wollenburg, Member     Cele Freeman, Member
Management and support staff:
  • Beverly Wallace, Property Manager,
  • Diann Hazelgrove, Activity Director, North Site Manager, and Bookkeeper,
  • Christine Brady, Compliance Specialist and Office Manager,
  • Rich Hughes, Maintenance Supervisor,
Management Agent:
          Carson HayesLenzy Hayes Inc/Hayes Gibson International